USAC's Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is experiencing high demand. We appreciate your patience as we respond to consumer calls and emails as quickly as we can. Thank you.

Show You Qualify

You can qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefit by participating in certain government programs or by meeting income criteria.

When you apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit using USAC's online application, we will attempt to confirm your information automatically. If we cannot automatically approve your application, we will ask you to provide information or documentation to validate one or more of the categories below. We will also follow up to request additional documentation if the information you provide in a mailed application does not result in approval.

To confirm your eligibility, additional documentation can be mailed or submitted electronically. Please include a cover sheet with your name and application ID if you mail anything to USAC (the cover sheet will be released later this month.)

Click on each section for tips and examples of acceptable documents.

How to Prove Your Information

Send Us Your Documents

Make copies or take pictures of your documents using a scanner, copy machine, camera, or smartphone. Avoid sending any dark or blurry copies or pictures. Never submit original copies of your documents.

Log in or create a new account to the National Verifier online portal to upload pictures and documents. You can also complete the Household Worksheet online (this worksheet will be released later this month.)

You can submit applications and proof documents by mail to the address below. To avoid delays, you may wish to send key proof documents with your initial application.

Always print and include a cover sheet if you sent documents by mail so that we can match your documents to your application (this cover sheet will be released later this month.)

Emergency Broadband Support Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742

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